We are an official dealer of all brands we carry and only handle warranty claims for products that have also been purchased from us online or at our location.

For all products, we pass on the manufacturer's warranty of the relevant brand, this warranty applies from the date of receipt of the product by you, unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer.
As a dealer, we do not accept warranty claims due to accidents, poor or insufficient product maintenance and inadequate care

Starting Warranty Claim

Deze webshop is onderdeel van het bedrijf Rat Bikes en behandelt enkel garanties van producten die bij ons zijn gekocht. Is dit het geval en wilt u aanspraak maken op de garantie dan kunt u de volgende stappen ondernemen:

Step 1

This webshop is part of the company Rat Bikes and only deals with guarantees of products purchased from us. If this is the case and you want to make a claim under the warranty, you can take the following steps:

- Check on the basis of the warranty conditions (see bottom of this page) whether you meet the conditions. If yes, proceed to step 2.

If in doubt about your warranty claim, please send us an email at the following address: garanties@rat-bikes.com

Mention in your email
* Your name, address and residence details.
* The purchase date and the order number of your original order if you have one (this speeds up the process)
* The products of your order that you want to qualify for warranty.
* A description of the defect
* The cause of the defect if known
* Some photos if possible (not necessary but can help speed up the review, photos maximum 2MB in size or your email won't arrive)

Based on this, you will receive a response within 5 working days. If the product was indeed purchased from us and you meet the warranty conditions, we would like to receive the product to be able to handle the warranty. This does not mean that it is also awarded.

All warranty claims are based on 'carry in'. So how the item for warranty arrives here is up to you.

Step 2

- Download and print our warranty form which you can find here. Complete the form completely and enclose a copy with the return. You can hand in your product to us free of charge or send it to us prepaid. You can use the following address for this.

Warrantyform in pdf.
pdf garantieformulier

Rat Bikes
T.a.v. Warranties
Dovenetelstraat 25 D
3053 JD Rotterdam
The Netherlands

The costs for the shipment are for your account, so make sure you have sufficient postage. We do not accept unstamped shipments.

Step 3
As soon as we have a definitive answer about your warranty claim, we will inform you and we will send you the product free of charge or you can collect it from us.

Warranty Conditions

1. We pass on the manufacturer's warranty to you. The warranty is assessed on the basis of these warranty provisions. Our own additional warranty conditions can be found as articles 16 and 17 in our general terms and conditions.