MKS Sylvan Road Pedals

MKS Sylvan Road Pedalen
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MKS Sylvan Road Pedals

A firm favorite with traditional cyclists. Ideal for touring

About Flat Pedals:
Apartment pedals are ideal for those not wanting to use a clipless pedal system, they provide a large grippy platform for normal shoes to grip too. You can fit toe clips and straps to some apartment pedals to benefit from pulling upwards when pedaling on hills or accelerating, these tend to be more for road/commuting use. Generally the main use for most types of this pedal now is Freeride or Downhill where quick placement and removal of the foot is essential.

About the MKS brand

MKS is Japan's major manufacturer of conventional pedals and accessories. They only make their products to a very high standard, as proven by the NJS/Keirin approved mark found on some of their products. MKS products are built to be used, will last well and prove a worthwhile investment.

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