We have a selection of different fixedgear cranksets. When choosing, make sure that you choose a crankset that fits the bearings (bottom bracket) in your bicycle. For most classic singlespeed/fixed gear bikes, that's a square. Modern/competition bikes often have an external bearing system.

Fixedgear cranksets

Fixed Gear cranksets

Fixedgear cranksets All City, Factory 5, BLB, Miche en Sugino.

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Cranksets Fixedgear / Fixed Gear Cranksets

Fixed gear or singlespeed crankset for your fixie or old road bike? Fixie cranks are specially designed to work with a fixed gear chain. Cranksets for fixed gear are essential when converting to a fixie. The fixedgear cranks / crank arms are extra stiff. The chainring of a fixie crankset / crank arms is either 1/8 inch or 3/32 inch wide so that fixedgear bicycle chains fit properly. The chainline of a fixedgear crankset is very important for a good drive of your fixedgear bicycle. These singlespeed cranksets provide a better chainline than a racing crankset.
We have a wide range of fixed gear cranksets from fixie brands such as BLB. But also track bike cranksets from Miche and Sugino. We are your specialist in fixed gear cranksets.