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The Cycloc confirm your bike stylish and easy on the wall.
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Cycloc Solo Bike Holder

BLACK FRIDAY 28/11 T / M 01/12 OR ZOLNAG in stock.

The Cycloc solo bicycle holder is a stylish and practical way to keep your bike on the wall to hang up.

The strong material you already use outside Cycloc Solo inside.

The Cycloc Solo has a unique shape which makes this a bicycle keeps track of the suspension directly secured in the proper place. For safety there is a recess to possibly stabbing a lock to make your bike directly related to closing.

Power and versatility
The Cycloc is very strong material and well built and suitable for a wide range of bike frames. A matching bet filling conceals the fasteners neatly and slots for the mounting holes.

Cycloc has a built-in storage that is ideal for storing lights, gloves and other cycling accessories.

Do you Cycloc see first? Come visit us, we use the Cycloc holders also in our showroom.

Delivery is excluding screws and plugs for wall mounting.