Halo track DBL FX-G achternaaf

Halo Double Fix-G Track Hubs
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Halo track DBL FX-G achternaaf

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Halo Double Fix-G Track Hub - (HG fixed/HG fixed)

An ever present headache with "normal fixed hubs" is the assembly of a drive cog that is attached by a thread being pulled in both directions by the pedal torque. Of course, the traditional solution to avoiding the cog unwinding itself from the hub in the reverse direction is a left hand threaded lockring, butted up tight against the cog.
But, as many riders have found out, this historic system can be relatively volatile.

Halo thought... there has to be a better way:
A splined hub body (with cogs that slide on) and an independent lockring... that never has to handle rotational forces from the drive.

"Halo's HG spline system is so obvious and brilliant that other brands must be kicking themselves for not thinking of it first: it can't slip or thread; it's way easier to fit/swap and will take down to 12t cogs, it's genius".
Ty at the Footdown (www.thefootdown.co.uk). Oct 2011
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"The Fix-g hub is great! it runs smoothly as the previous Halo hub but the fact that you can move the sprocket for a perfect chainline is great and you can feel the difference straight away. Also, it's really easy to do, everyone can do it without a mechanic's help, I think you should advertise this and make it clear for everyone, people don't have to be scared of a new technology..."
Ivan Fiorilla... 5th Floor riding club - London.

Halo Fix-G hub:
The Double Halo Fix-G hub features a fixed HG spline machined as part of the alloy main hub body*, with a conventional internal thread for a standard HG type lockring (with easy tool fittings) on either side.

(*Note: Must ONLY ever be used with "7mm base Wide Foot" cogs... such as Gusset "Double Six" or Halo "Fat Foot" cogs to avoid the cog biting into the alloy splines on the hub.
Regular width HG cogs should NEVER be used.)

Halo Fix-G advantages:
* Easy and secure fixing & servicing.
* Adjustable chainline. 42-52mm
* Twin cog option (can run 2 cogs together.)
* Accepts from 12T + cogs (for compact gearing).
* No need for chainwhip tools.

Tech features:
Hi-polish custom CNC machined hub shell,
HG type fixed spline.
Japanese sealed bearings.
Hollow M10 Cr-Mo axle.
120mm spacing.
22mm "Large cone-faces" to avoid damage to frame.
Supplied with cog spacers and alloy lockring.

Laser logo.
Black 32H, 36H or 48H.
White 32H.
Silver 32H.

Flange Diameter: 62mm
Centre Left: 34m
Centre Right: 34mm

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