Abus chain lock 1500 web
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Abus chain lock 1500 web

Chain Abus 1500 Web availablethe lengths 60 and 110cm. On our website there are several Abus Bike Locks available. Next to Abus We also have bicycle locks from the brand: Axa, CordoKrypton and more. See the whole range of bicycle locks and take advantage of our low prices!

Chain Abus 1500 Web bicycle lock suitable for places where the risk of theft is quite low. This chain lock is intended more as a supplementary protection in addition to your lock, given that you can tie the necklace to a fixed object (bike rack or lamp). This is also one of the safest ways to put lock to your bike. Though you are only in possession of a lock, then a bicycle thief can still bring your entire bike
Furthermore this. chain lock a solid black cover. This cover ensures that the paint of your bike stays safe from scratches and other damage.

Chain Abus 1500 Web is further provided with links having a thickness of 4mm which are made of special steel, and the lock has a Abus & nbsp;. Quality cylinder
the great thing about this bicycle lock that you do not need a key to lock the lock. It is therefore simply the chain lock to bind your seat if you do not need it. You will have two keys for us.

Is 110cm still too short then you might look as an alternative to another type of chain lock & nbsp; Abus or axa (or & eacute; & eacute; n of the other brands) or possibly to cable locks

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Lengte slot100 t/m 150 cm
Type slotKettingslot
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