Abus chain lock 1200 web
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Abus chain lock 1200 web

Chain Abus 1200 Web rating chain lock suitable for places where the risk of theft is not too is high. This bicycle lock is provided with links having a thickness of 4mm, which together form a chain of a length of 60 cm or 110


bicycle lock is very convenient because there is no key is required toto lock and unlock, lock & nbsp. When unlocking, simply enter the three-digit code and the chain lock opens. When the bicycle lock is unlocked, you only chain to tie your bike and plug-in into the lock the push. After hearing the click, you know that the lock is locked. In addition, this chain lock a beautiful orange cover to the chain. This case is there to protect the paint of your bike. Without this case the chain would namely cause scratches and other damage.

You should be aware of a bicycle thief can possibly bring your whole bike if you are just in possession of a lock. Therefore, this chain lock additional protection alongside your lock. It is not wise your chain lock only by putting your front wheel as the bicycle then still can be taken along in its entirety.Therefore, the chain always try to tie fixed objects. This is also one of the safest way to put lock your bike to.

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Lengte slot100 t/m 150 cm
Type slotKettingslot
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