6KU Fixed Gear Milan 2
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Milan 6KU fixed gear/single speed bike

The 6KU bikes are beautiful, reliable and very affordable. Thanks to the flip-flop rear hub can this bike fixed gear (fixed resistance) or singlespeed (free opposition) driving; turn around a matter of the rear wheel.

Properties • Frame: Steel
• Fork: 1-1/8 & rsquo; & rsquo; steel
• Brakes: front and rear
• Wheels: 30mm Deep V aluminum wheels, 32 spokes, 700 x 25C tires
• Rear Hub: flip-flop
• Stem: 1-1/8 & rsquo; & rsquo; A-head headset
• Stem: aluminum riser bar
• Crank: 44 teeth, 165mm cranks
• Dental Journal review: 16 teeth
• Bottom bracket: sealed 68x103mm (English thread)
• Pedals: BMX platform
• Seat post: 25.4mm aluminum
• Seat: synthetic leather

Recommended frame size Body height in cm.
42 cm 120/144
49 cm 144/160
52cm 160/172
55 cm 172/182
58 cm 182, and for longer

Delivery If you choose this bike to pick us up then, this 100% roadworthy for you or you can pick in this box.
If you choose to have the bike delivered than is provided in this box.
The final assembly is not very complex.
The front wheel, handlebars and pedals must be securely put. In half an hour to an hour it must be able to sit together if you're somewhat familiar with the tool.

The minimum tools you need: Vacation - Hex
- Spanners 9/10/14/15
- thin screwdriver
- bicycle
- Lubricants

No tools at home? Order a beneficial tool suitcase, you have immediately a complete basic equipment for a low price.

Would you prefer the bike 100% roadworthy? That is, you can select this option at an additional cost.

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About 6KU Bikes

Looking for a good bike at a low price? Then the 6KU Fixie is what you’re looking for. It’s the dream single-speed bike that is well-built, sturdy, and ideal for short commutes. Buy it, ride it, and we promise you’ll have a smile on your face. There is no other fixie out there like the 6KU.

Inspiring Others at every moment in life.

Simply put, the 6KU brand is passionate with all things that propel our lives. Whether that means enjoying time with your favorites or you’re just getting to where you need to be, 6KU bikes get you there with a smile. Blending tried and tested technologies with elegant designs, 6KU fixies becomes the building blocks of your style. The 6KU mission is to inspire others at every moment in life.

6KU Quality - Designed for You
We’re into trends just like everyone else, but this does not overshadow our promise in providing quality. That’s why we carefully source the finest materials and meticulously design each piece with you in mind. Our pieces allow you to live your life, not stop it.

6KU Support - Because We Care
It’s about you, and we are here to help. We guarantee everything we make, but we understand that things happen and it’s not your fault. So, when you’re in trouble or in search of answers, we work our hardest to support you and get you moving.

6KU Responsibility - Better Alternatives
As we ambitiously to produce the best possible pieces, we know that process is a part of the problem. Behind the scenes, we continuously strive to improve our business practices by reducing our consumption and converting to cleaner alternatives. Our goal is to be a part of the solution.

Frequently Asked Questions about 6KU Bicycles

What is the weight limit on 6KU bikes?
- The weight limits on 6KU bikes are 250 lbs for the rider 50 lbs for cargo.

What size are the axle nuts on 6KU Fixie and Urban Track?
- The Front is 9.0mm x 1mm and the is Rear, ⅜” x 26 TPI.

What if I don’t want to ride my 6KU Fixie or Urban Track in Fixed Gear?
- Both the 6KU Fixie and Urban Track come with a flip-flop rear hub. It has a single-speed (allowing the rider to coast) freewheel on one side and a track cog (for fixed gear riding) on the other, you can swap between them as desired.

Can I add gears / multi-speed drivetrain / shifter to the 6KU Fixie or Urban Track?
- No, these are one-gear bikes. It is not possible to change them to multi-speed bikes. There is no mounting point for a derailleur or cable stops.

What’s the difference between the 6KU Fixie and Urban Track models?
- The 6KU Urban Track and Fixie bikes are very similar, but not identical. The Urban Track has a (lighter) aluminum frame, while the frame on the Fixie is steel, so Urban Track is about 3 lbs lighter. Urban Track uses a 31.8mm diameter stem and handlebar, while the Fixie has a 25.4mm stem and handlebar. Finally, the Urban Track uses an internal headset for a cleaner look, while the Fixie has a traditional external cup headset.

What is the dropout spacing on 6KU Urban Track and Fixie models?
- 100mm front, 120mm rear.