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We are the official dealer of all brands sold by us and we treat  warranty claims of products that are only bought from us online or at our showroom.
If your product was bought elsewhere we can not help you.

For all products we pass on the manufacturer guarantee of the relevant brands, this warranty is valid from the date of receipt of the product by you.
All our guarantee is based on 'carry in'

Starting a warranty case

This website is part of the company Rat Bikes and warranty applies only to the products that have been purchased from us. If this is the case and you want to claim the warranty, you can take the following steps:

Step 1

- Check on the basis of the conditions of warranty if you meet the requirements. If that's so in your opinion, please send us an email at the following address:

To be Included in your email:

* Your name and address information.
* The purchase date and the order number from your original order [if you have , this accelerates the process]
* The products you ordered that you want to be eligible for the warranty.
* A detailed description of the defect.
* The cause of the malfunction, if known.
* If possible, some photos (not necessary but may help to speed up the review, photos up to 2 MB in size)

On this basis you will receive a response within 2 business days. If the product is purchased from us and the guarantee meets the demands then we would like to receive the product to be able to handle the warranty. This does not mean that it is granted.

Step 2

- Download and print our warranty form that you can find here. Complete the form and close in with the return a copy. You can drop off your product free of charge at our shop or use postage to send it to us. For this you can use the following address.

Warranty form pdf

Rat Bikes
Guarantees Department
Dovenetelstraat 25 D
3053 JD Rotterdam
The Netherlands

The shipment costs are on your account, please make sure that the postage is sufficient . We do not accept unstamped shipments.

Step 3

Once we have final conclusion about your warranty claim, we will inform you and we will send you the product free of charge, or you can collect it from us.


1. We are providing the warranty as given to you by the manufacturer. Our own additional warranty can be found as Article 16 and 17 in our terms and conditions.